Sure shot

Prepare to be dazzled at the Meteora Festival and European Rocketry Competition (EuRoC) in Portugal as S3 takes center stage, soaring an impressive 3 kilometers into the sky. With its resin-based motor, this rocket promises a spectacle unlike any other, exhibiting a remarkably safe and reliable propellant that burns at a slower pace and requires both increased pressure and a robust spark for ignition.

Resin-Based Power: Igniting the Sky

Crafted from resilient aluminum, S3's airframe ensures durability and stability as it pierces through the atmosphere. But that's not all – in a twist of innovation, the rocket's separation mechanism promises a dramatic mid-air split, captivating audiences with its daring maneuver.

Aluminum Strength: A Foundation for Success

As the countdown begins, spectators will marvel at the sight of S3 adorned with antennas placed in the carefully crafted composite nosecone, a necessary addition due to aluminum's radio-opaque nature. This unique feature adds a touch of technological intrigue to the already exhilarating arsenal.

Antennas Aloft: Embracing Innovation

At the Meteora Festival and EuRoC, S3 represents not just a rocket, but a symbol of innovation and engineering progress. With its impressive altitude and captivating design, this rocket is poised to leave a lasting impression on attendees, showcasing the thrilling possibilities of aerospace technology.

Witness the Spectacle: S3 at Meteor Festival EUROC

Join us at the Meteora Festival and EuRoC in Portugal and witness the breathtaking launch of S3 as it reaches for the stars, embodying the spirit of exploration and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in rocketry.