Suga Babey

Introducing S0- Suga Babey 250m, the innovative pathfinder rocket designed for rapid development and testing. This cutting- edge rocket is fully 3D printed, allowing for quick iterations between designes and ensuring optimal performance. With four distinct segments, each serving a crucial purpose, S0- Suga Babey 250m is engineered for comper

  • Booster segment:

At the base of the rocket lies the booster segment, housing the powerful motor responsible for propulsion

  • Avionics section

Positioned strategically within the rocket is the avionics section, equipped with built-in cameras, including a raspberry pie camera, r

  • Recovery section:

Essential descent, the recovery section features a separation mechanism and parachute, ensuring a controlled return to earth.

With it's innovative design and in-house developed sugar-based fuel, S0 Suga Babey 250m promises to push boundaries in aerodynamic testing and rocket technology. Join us as we explore new horizons with this groundbreaking project.