Firestarter L3

Welcome aboard the rocketry rollercoaster, where dreams of soaring to the stars collide with the thrill of engineering innovation. Join us on a journey as we delve into the fascinating world of crafting a liquid rocket engine designed to propel us sky-high – all while keeping it cool.

Test Stand:

Picture this: a mad scientist's playground filled with cryogenic wonders – pipes, valves, and tanks, oh my! Our test stand isn't just any old structure; it's the beating heart of our rocket dreams. Think stainless steel pipes twisted and turned with precision, all thanks to our trusty copper pipe bender and the enthusiasm of our dedicated technicians. With nitrogen input to kickstart the magic, ball valves for some funky flow control, and pressure regulators keeping things chill, our test stand is where the party's at.

Components in the Test Stand:

Let's talk shop – or rather, let's talk components. Our pipes might not be cryogenic superheroes just yet, but fear not, upgrades are on the horizon. Nitrogen input is the lifeblood of our operation, while ball valves are the cool cats turning the flow on and off (electronically, no less!). Pressure regulators keep the peace, with a little help from trusty teflon tape, and lift check valves make sure there's no sneaky backflow. And let's not forget our high-pressure relief valves – the unsung heroes of safety in this wild rocket ride.


Ah, the engine – where the real magic happens. Picture this: a symphony of ethanol and liquid oxygen swirling together, ready to ignite the skies. Our injector is the master mixer, blending fuel and oxidizer with finesse. We've gone all out with an impinging injector design, courtesy of some nifty metal printing tech. And those nozzles? Crafted with care using 3D printer nozzles, they're the cherry on top of our rocket sundae. After some serious simulations, we've nailed down the perfect configuration for maximum oomph.

Wrapping up the liquid rocket adventure

As we wrap up our journey through the world of liquid rocketry, one thing's for sure – it's been a wild ride. From test stands to engine intricacies, every step of the way has been an adventure. But hey, that's what rocket science is all about, right? So here's to dreaming big, pushing boundaries, and reaching for the stars – one chill rocket at a time.